What is "Notinary" ?
Notinary = Unusual, Bizarre, Different, NOT-ORDINARY

Notinary is a word that we have coined and apparently one can not copyright
a single word, so I guess it's just free for anyone who wants to use it to do so.

Notinaryproductions.com (Currently Under Construction) is a production or a collection of many things, some we have
created, others we have collected, some are FREE for the taking and others, (if available and provided) may require payment.

Although there is not much of anything here for you right now, there Will be something in the near future.
(We are working on it right now.)

The content is provided by people who have a rather eclectic range of interest and
talents, a people who may be considered Crafters, Makers, or perhaps even Amateur Engineers

There are 10 types of people,
those who understand BINARY
MATHEMATICS and those who don't.

Some of the things that are on the way are:

Electronics & Micro Controllers Resin Casting Crafting Wood Working
Cooking CNC 3D Printing
Gardening Travel Saving and Making Money Things I Wonder about
Video Related Photography Computers and Software What Ever Else I Feel Like Putting In Here